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.Youth Future Project

Seed of life supported the conference of the Youth Future Project in Bonn.

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To discover new horizons - even in our hearts - you have to know where you are standing and where you want to go. You also need some visions of how you can find new ways. Ways of magical moments, untold stories of ways we lost. Find some inspirations while you search in the clips, books and other stuff. Decide which way you want to go.
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This determinedly optimistic manifesto-cum-workbook by the author of Diet for a Small Planet begins with the question, Why are we as societies creating a world that we as individuals abhor?

Lappé posits that U.S. culture is grounded in a worldview of scarcity, creating a society of competitive materialists who practice a Thin Democracy of electoral politics in a one rule market economy that returns wealth to wealth and leads to an ever-increasing concentration of power. Yet she believes there is no reason we can't create a values-guided, empowering democracy based on the premise of plenty, where individuals and communities take charge of public life and engage in active listening, conflict mediation, dialogue and judgment. Full of charts comparing Thin Democracy constructs with Living Democracy alternatives, and ending with a study guide for community Group Talk, the book includes numerous examples of people practicing Living Democracy, from Nobel Prize–winner Muhammad Yunus, instigator of the international microcredit movement, to School Mediation Associates, which teaches conflict resolution and peer mediations skills.

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Seed of Life is a free, international movement, creative and non-violent, which advances new human perspectives, which makes a contribution, so that the different points of view can unite, so that new companies, products and perspectives can come into being which will help us to understand that we are the guardians of life. Our central focus is the value of life. We are the change that we want to see in the world. Everyone for themselves, and yet together. For life!