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.Youth Future Project

Seed of life supported the conference of the Youth Future Project in Bonn.

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.David Christian
Big History


The big history of life. A stunning view.

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We are on our borders. At the borders of the earth, the resources. At the borders of the growth of mankind. At the borders of the climate.

If we continue in our usual way we not only destroy the last natural resources but also us. If we don't change ourselves we will fight wars over resources and over land which is still fertile.



What makes more sense to pursue as a way conducive to the preservation and development of life? Aren't we all alive? So what prevents us from going new ways?

As our old thinking always stands in the way during changes, we know of the consequences on new ways...



The World Is How You Act!

We are all beings who depend upon another, who look around, reflect and then act according to it. All our behavior is geared towards finding our way in the world we live in. Our habitat, our education and the system we live in affects us, most of the time we just react.



Seed of Life is a free, international movement, creative and non-violent, which advances new human perspectives, which makes a contribution, so that the different points of view can unite, so that new companies, products and perspectives can come into being which will help us to understand that we are the guardians of life. Our central focus is the value of life. We are the change that we want to see in the world. Everyone for themselves, and yet together. For life!