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.Youth Future Project

Seed of life supported the conference of the Youth Future Project in Bonn.

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"We are only what we do, not what we say we are. Seed of life is an expression of my longing to grow humanity and wisdom. Thatfore I connect the sharpest intellect with a heart of gold to bring products to life which are wiser."

I believe in mysticism, in fantasy, in the love in all of us. In the connection between people, in the love that lies beyond egoism, in being there for others. In a movement which supports life in a spirit of humility and joy. In being human. Worldwide. For a long time I have struggled alone for the heart, for a way of being together. I have been the initiating force behind many groups and learned a lot about power and psychology. I have a lot of bruises and an oppressed heart. But I will not give up believing in the heart of humanity in this crazy world, in which the next kick seems to be the most important, in which it has become normal to use other people to feel better about yourself. Consciously and unconsciously.

I have learned that all of this is also present in me. That the seed of destruction is in me. That power is a great force for attraction, and that it is a lot easier to renounce your own being than it is to stand up for yourself and your power. That participating in this system doesn't really serve growth, but instead compromises your freedom. Makes you dependent on externals, on the opinions of other people.

For sure this learning process is not yet complete, yet in this life it is my desire simply to express life, development. To support the growth of that which wishes to grow. In me. In this process, a great sense of calm is being developed, a calm that has power.

I'm a person who has experienced a great deal, who has seen through many programs in people. I can't demonstrate to you more than my wisdom and my truth. See if that's appropriate for you, reject it. Develop yourself in your power at your own speed.

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Seed of Life is a free, international movement, creative and non-violent, which advances new human perspectives, which makes a contribution, so that the different points of view can unite, so that new companies, products and perspectives can come into being which will help us to understand that we are the guardians of life. Our central focus is the value of life. We are the change that we want to see in the world. Everyone for themselves, and yet together. For life!